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International Daughters

International Daughters



Countries with Chapters

Currently, there are over 6,000 members in chapters outside of the U.S. They are in Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Israel, Italy, Malawi, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, and Uganda. We have members, but no active chapters in Kenya, Nigeria, and the US Virgin Islands.



Information Regarding Membership

In countries outside of the 50 United States, International chapters may be formed in autonomous churches of the Anglican Communion, the Roman Catholic Church, or churches in communion with the Episcopal Church. International chapters may initially adapt the current English handbook for their use, but when enough chapters have been organized to form a diocesan or national assembly, they may develop their own handbook and bylaws patterned after those of The Order of the Daughters of the King®, and adapted to the discipline and forms of their own church. Annual membership dues and contributions to the Funds are not required but the chapter and/or its members are encouraged to subscribe to The Royal Cross. The National Office maintains a separate list of International chapters and national assemblies.


All national or diocesan assemblies are required to submit annual reports to the National Office of the Order and the International Committee Chair. A report form will be sent to the National or Diocesan Assembly President and their Country Liaison will assist in compiling the report. In unassembled countries, the Country Liaison will assist the chapter president(s) in reporting.

International Assemblies are strongly encouraged to maintain a close relationship with The Order of the Daughters of the King®, to send representatives to the national meetings of the Order and invite Daughters of the King representatives from other countries to their national assemblies.  Representatives are welcome to participate in all activities and will have voice but no vote (Art. IV, Sec. 2, Para. A, Subpara. 8). They are encouraged to participate in International Sisterhood discussions. 


United States of America Daughters Traveling Abroad

Daughters traveling to another country from the U.S. as short-term missionaries or for other reasons are requested to contact the National Office well ahead of departure. It often happens that the Office or International Chair is looking for someone to hand carry crosses, handbooks or other materials to a responsible person in that country.

If a Daughter expects to visit churches in an area where the Order is not established, she may obtain an international information kit to give to anyone who expresses a serious interest in the Order. Again, allow plenty of lead time. Please let the National Office and International Chair know to whom the information kit has been given upon your return, including their contact information.


The country Liaison and National Office staff should be notified of changes within an overseas chapter or assembly.


Start an International Chapter

To start an International Chapter, click here.


Request an International Prayer Partner

The purpose of Daughters of the King prayer partnerships is for National and International chapters to pray for and communicate with one another. It is hoped that through enhanced communication, both chapters will enjoy friendships with Daughters of the King in other countries and will feel a part of a worldwide sisterhood. Most importantly, partnered chapters will be blessed through prayer.


Request for an International Prayer Partner (USA Daughters requesting an International Chapter)


Request for a National Prayer Partner (International Daughters requesting a USA Chapter) - coming soon



Read and sign up for our international e-newsletter, Cross+Currents



Members of the International Committee


 International Chair

   and Translations Coordinator:

 Lindy Kirk

 Assistant International Chair

   and Prayer Partner Coordinator:

 Judy Bordelon 

Assistant International Chair

   and Cross+Currents Editor:

 Pam Runyon
 International Crosses:
 Emily Thrasher

 Joyce Pipkin

 Grace Sears

 International Chaplain*:  The Rt. Rev. Bill Skilton


* Read about Bishop Skilton on Our Chaplains page.


Country Liaisons

 Country  Liaison  Committee Contact
 Brazil  Maria Helena Gastal
 Grace Sears
 Canada  Emily Thrasher
 Emily Thrasher
 Colombia  Rev. Connie Sanchez  Lindy Kirk
 Lydia Bush  Emily Thrasher
 Dominican Republic
 Berkys Herrera and Virginia Norman  Pam Runyon
 Ecuador  Emily Thrasher  Emily Thrasher
 Emily Thrasher  Emily Thrasher
 Honora Appiah  Pam Runyon
 Dinah Reed and Dee Sanders  Judy Bordelon


 Joyce Pipkin  Pam Runyon
 Rev. Connie Sanchez  Pam Runyon
 Judi Gustafson  Grace Sears
 Catherine Howanstine  Judy Bordelon


Pam Runyon  Pam Runyon
 Malawi  Bahati Kaliati  Grace Sears
 Mexico  Connie Bye  Emily Thrasher
 Panama  Francis Wilson  Lindy Kirk
 Puerto Rico  Lindy Kirk  Lindy Kirk
 Spain  Rev. Jessica Coello
 Pam Runyon
 Trinidad & Tobago
 Stella Thomas  Emily Thrasher
 Uganda  Emily Thrasher  Emily Thrasher
 United Kingdom  Lindy Kirk
 Lindy Kirk
 US Virgin Islands  Delores Powell  Lindy Kirk



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