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Strategic Plan

The 2018-2024 Strategic Plan of The Order

The Strategic Planning Committee is pleased to present The 2018-2024 Strategic Plan of The Order. The plan presents a set of six prayerfully developed strategic goals and objectives that build on the inspired foundation of The Order's past and propel us into the future. 


This Strategic Plan charts an ambitious, but achievable, path for the next six years. We have been dreaming with God throughout this collaborative process and are deeply grateful to all the Daughters who have committed their time, skill and prayer to this valuable work.


The Six Goals of The 2018-2024 Strategic Plan


Goal #1 Inspire Spiritual Growth and Development


Goal #2 Strengthen Our Call to Service and Evangelism


Goal #3 Nurture and Grow Our Members


Goal #4 Raise Up and Mentor New Leaders


Goal #5 Foster Community and Build Connections


Goal #6 Instill a Spirituality of Giving




View the Strategic Plan Video


Download The Strategic Plan Booklet 


Download The Strategic Plan Poster



Prayer for the Future of The Order


To our God, Author of all life~


The words of this plan are more than words ~ they are the collective consent of Your Daughters throughout the world to love deeper.


This is our covenant with You to pray and be the prayer, to serve and be the servant and to speak and proclaim the Love that abides in all things, through all things and at all times.


We, by implementing ~ putting feet to these actions ~ promise to love as we have been loved ~ to die to all that is not of You ~ and to rise strong, proclaiming Your sovereignty to a world hungry and thirsty for the Truth.


May this plan, written and guided by the Holy Spirit, ignite the hearts of Your Daughters throughout the world.


May we trust and believe, empowered by Your grace, that our love for You will change the world.


To the glory of Your Name, we pray, may it be so. Amen.



Covenants of the Strategic Plan

The Covenants of the Strategic Plan are a written promise between us, the members of The Order of the Daughters of the King®, and God, that we will do all we can to achieve our goals and objectives and work towards fulfilling our mission and vision.



Learn How You Help Us Achieve Our Goals


Pray. Please pray for the work and workers of the plan.  Use your own prayers or use the Prayer for the Future of The Order.


Contribute your gifts, talents, and skill. 

Fill out the Strategic Plan Contribution Form


Contact us.  We'd love to hear your thoughts on the plan itself or how you can contribute your gifts, talents, and skills towards achieving our goals.  Please send an email to  Thank you. 



Progress Reports

Implementation is underway!!


The Strategic Plan Implementation Team has been hard at work putting the people ad processes in place to implement our strategic plan.  While the full implementation strategy will officially "roll out" in early Fall, here is a preview of what's been developed so far.


The Four-Step Implementation Process

1.     Identify the Implementation Team and Roles

2.     Ensure Shared Visioning

3.     Develop and Implement a Communication Plan

4.     Monitor Progress


The Implementation Team and Roles

The Team is made up of the National Council, the Strategic Plan Committee and Sub Committee, the Strategic Plan Prayer Team, Strategic Plan Chairs/Coordinators, and of course, individual members and chapters of The Order.  All of us play a role in reaching the six goals our plan.  As part of the Sub Committee, six Goal Leaders, one for each goal, will provide guidance, identify resources, collect information, for any work being done on the Actions of that particular goal. A Strategic Plan Prayer Team will be assembled that will provide essential prayer support for the work and workers of the plan. 


Ensure Shared Visioning

A Strategic Plan Companion is being developed that explores each of the six goals in depth.  It is designed as a chapter study program, but can be used by all Daughters anywhere.


Develop and Implement a Communication Plan

A solid communication plan is a critical component of the strategic plan implementation.  Our plan will ensure communication among and between everyone involved.  It will be publicized and shared with The Order so that everyone is aware of our successes and challenges.


Monitor Progress

It is very important that we assess our progress.  Methods and metrics will help assure we are on the right track as well as identify areas that warrant further exploration.  As new actions are undertaken our plan must be flexible enough to go where the Holy Spirit is leading us.


Please keep our implementation team in your prayers.  Our work is just beginning.  Nothing could be more joyous or worthwhile than doing our utmost to strengthen and grow our beloved Order for the glory of God and for the spreading of Christ’s Kingdom.






On November 9th, our Strategic Planning Committee held a workshop on “Change Management” and “Strategic Plan Implementation” during our annual National Council meeting.  The workshop was a great success.  A lot of great ideas were generated and actions taken to begin the process of implementing our beautiful strategic plan.




Click here to read the report from the Strategic Plan Workshop.

Click here to read a moving reflection on the workshop experience entitled "The Mural" by Susan "Sam" Keith. 

Also please continue to pray for us as we continue this blessed work. Thank you!



Excitement around the Strategic Plan!

We would like to thank everyone for their excitement and enthusiasm about the new Strategic Plan for The Order!  It is so encouraging to hear of the many chapters and Diocesan assemblies who are discussing the plan as part of their meetings. Please keep it up and spread the word about the plan! We would like all Daughters to be familiar with it so that they can pray for its successful realization as well as share their gifts, skills, and talents for its implementation. A big thank you to the Daughters who have already offered their help by filling out the Strategic Plan Contribution Form, a link to which can be found above.


Achieving our Strategic Plan will help our Order grow and thrive and it will take “many hands” to get the job done. It will also take a little time. While we’d love for its six Goals to be accomplished yesterday, we need to prayerfully and practically work through its implementation. Please pray for the work and workers of the strategic plan.


Many Daughters have asked “what can I do to help?” One suggestion is to prayerfully select one or two goals to focus on and see how you or your chapter can address some of the Action Items. You can also fill out the SP Contribution Form and join the list of Off-Council Daughters who will work with members of the National Council to implement both the Strategic Plan and the National Enrichment Programs.


More information will be forth coming so please keep checking this page for more Progress Reports and feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

Yours in Christ,

The Strategic Planning Committee   



2018-2021 Strategic Planning Committee Members:

Ane Deister          Strategic Planning Chair 
Jen Mariano   Strategic Planning Co-Chair
Krisita Jackson   National President
Susan Keith   National Enrichment Chair



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