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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him – but God has revealed it to us by His Spirit”.  I Corinthians 2:9-10a


The process of developing a Strategic Plan for The Order is well underway.  Thanks to the efforts of the co-chairs, committee members, and members of The Order, a comprehensive, long-term strategic plan is coming together.  This plan will guide the work of The Order for years to come. It will help The Order be sustainable, relevant, and vibrant, not only for its members, but for the many people it touches through its ministries.  Please keep the committee in your prayers as they continue with this process.



Plan to Develop the Plan


 Year 1   2015-2016   Establish the strategic work process. Conduct an external evaluation of The Order through Ministry Reviews, Focus Groups, and an Order-wide survey; essentially gather data.
 Year 2    2016-2017   Create the Plan. Continue discussions, create program specific plans i.e. Junior Daughter SP, International Daughter SP; identify The Order's goals.
 Year 3   2017-2018   Final planning. Submit the Plan to the National Council for review and comment. Share the Plan with our members via The Communication Strategy for the Strategic Plan.


2017 Strategic Planning Report - This report was presented to the National Council during its annual meeting in October 2017. It describes the work that was accomplished in 2017 and outlines the next steps to be taken in completing the strategic plan for The Order.


2016 Strategic Planning Report -  This report was presented to the National Council during its annual meeting in November of 2016.  The report gives a comprehensive overview of the work accomplished through the end of 2016.  It also describes the data collected that has informed our Plan.


The Data


Many thanks to everyone who participated in the Focus Groups and who took the survey.  Your time is greatly appreciated.



The Ministry Reviews

The Strategic Planning committee was established during the 2015 National Council meeting. The committee is made up of the following chairs: International, Junior Daughters, Daughters at Large, National Enrichment, Membership, Province President Facilitator, the National Treasurer, and the current and former presidents of The Order. These leaders represent multiple areas of ministry of The Order.


Each committee member was asked to critically review their respective area of ministry, looking at what had been achieved in the past and contemplating the direction of their ministry for the future.  


The committee members submitted their responses in the form of a worksheet, which served as the first data collection document.  As the ministry review worksheets were reviewed and compiled, common themes began to emerge. Categories common to all the responses centered around our: Mission, Visibility, Leadership and Training, Growth, Development and Enrichment; Education; Social Media and Technology, and Resource Development.


Compiled Ministry Review Worksheet - Common Themes of the Ministry Review Worksheets



The Focus Groups

Focus groups were convened in every province of The Order either at diocesan or provincial assemblies, board meetings, or at a servant leader retreat.  In total, almost 100 Daughters participated in the groups.


A group of 8-12 members, most of whom held a leadership position either currently or in the past, was gathered.  Each group had one or two facilitators.  Ground rules for focus groups were developed and given to the facilitators for use during the group meeting.  A Strategic Plan FAQ was also developed and distributed to the members of the group to provide background information.  Finally a handout with four questions was given to members to evaluate.  A facilitator took notes and submitted all responses.


The questions asked of the Focus Groups were:

·  What is your favorite part of being a Daughter of the King?

·  What is the mission of The Order and what does it mean to you?

·  If you are or have been a leader with the DOK, do you feel you are or were equipped for  your role?  If not, what do you need or would have needed?

·  What is the perception of the Daughters of the King within your church, diocese or your connection to your larger church body?

Compiled Focus Group Responses - As reported by the facilitators, the group's discussions were thoughtful and productive, generating a lot of information and insight.  Based on the answers to the focus group's questions, three themes emerged from their conversations: Mission, Leadership, and Visibility.



The Order-wide Survey

Utilizing the YM’s benchmark survey tool, a link to an electronic survey was emailed to all Daughters in good standing with a valid email address.  Paper surveys were also available to Daughters without Internet access.  The survey, comprised of 63 questions, was completely anonymous and allowed for weighted responses to most questions.  


· The survey was accessible through a live link from the National DOK website; downloaded from the website, or as a PDF from chapter presidents.

·  The survey was open for member participation from August 18, 2016 through September 30, 2016.  Fully completed surveys postmarked on or before September 30th were considered valid and the responses tabulated.


The survey first collected general demographic information and then explored the following four topics:

·       Our purpose and mission

·       Communication

·       Training and Leadership

·       Resources


Survey Results

Participation in the survey exceeded our expectation. With over 1700 Daughters taking the survey it is statistically significant, meaning we can say with 95% confidence that the responses apply to the larger population of senior Daughters of the King. In other words this is not just a sampling, but more generally reflects the feelings of Daughters across the country.


The Strategic Plan Survey Questions - The questions asked in the survey.


The Survey Results Section - Offers a snapshot of the data collected from the survey.


The 2016 DOK Survey - The raw data from every question asked in the survey.


Initial Interpretations - Serves as a starting point for further discussions about the data.



Where We Are Now


In February, the Strategic Planning Committee met at the Summer’s Mill Retreat and Conference Center in Belton, Texas to begin the work of building a strategic plan for The Order of The Daughters of the King®. We were blessed to have Rev. Janice Krause lead us on the retreat and are grateful for her Spiritual guidance.


Throughout 2017 committee members continued to develop the plan for their ministry area paying special attention to how their ministry can support and build the entire Order.  We met monthly via conference call to discuss these specific ministry plans.  From these specific plans will come a larger comprehensive strategic plan that will shape the future of The Order for years to come ensuring that it stays relevant, vibrant, and active in a 21st century world.



The Ongoing Strategic Planning Process


The Strategic Plan for The Order involves all of our members. We encourage you individually, as well your chapters, diocesan assemblies and provinces to join with the National Council in conversation about the ongoing work of The Order of the Daughters of the King®


Please keep the development of the strategic plan in your prayers as we work to guide our Order, with the help of the Holy Spirit, into the future. Let us pray together "Lord, what will you have us do?"


We want to hear from you!  If you would like to share your thoughts, dreams, and comments about any aspect of either the overall plan, or an individual ministry plan such as the Junior Daughters, DALs, International, etc. please take a moment and complete the Strategic Plan Comment Form or email either Lori Geres or Jen Mariano, or any of the Strategic Planning Committee members listed below.


Strategic Plan Comment Form - complete this form to share a comment about the Strategic Plan and /or share your dreams for The Order.  Thank you.


Thank you and God bless you!


Strategic Planning Committee Members:

Lori Geres       Strategic Planning Co-Chair 
Jen Mariano   Strategic Planning Co-Chair
Susan O'Brien   National President
Annemarie Delgado   National Treasurer
Krisita Jackson   Membership Chair
Lindy Kirk   International Chair
Anna Stevenson   Junior Daughters Chair
Christine Budzowski   National Enrichment Chair
Janet Papa   Province President Facilitator
Helen Bhagwandin   Daughters at Large Chair
Pam Runyon   Past President and
Past International Chair



 Prayer for the Strategic Plan


"Almighty God, this is a prayer for our Order.  An Order begun by the prayer and the planning of one woman.  It was and is Your plan, Your vision... for we are here - we are growing - we are alive in You.  Surround us with Your light and wisdom as we continue to unfold Your will for us, set at the very beginning.  Every aspect, every movement towards love, every person touched by the prayer, service or action of one of Your Daughters is Your orchestration.  Yet You call us to come, to take up the work of the planning - to listen to Your voice and to make use of the fullness of Your grace to become what You seek in us.


Give Your direction to our dialogue, and grant us an awareness of where we need to go, what we must be in this world today.  Casting nets into the depths of Your great possibility, we ask for the interweaving of creativity, openness, generosity and love as we prepare to carry forward what has been blessed by You.  


In the name of Jesus the Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit we ask this.  Amen."

Nancy Severin

Province VI President

Worship and Devotions Chair



 The Need for a Strategic Plan


As we celebrate 131 years of ministry, it is very important for us to look to the future and to prayerfully discern where we want our Order to be 131 years from now.  To that end, our Strategic Planning Committee has begun the process of developing a long-term strategic plan for The Order.  This plan will provide a road map for our future.


Why do we need a strategic plan? A strategic plan:

·   Serves as a map for an organization 

·   Is shaped by the overall mission and vision of an organization 

·   Comprehensively reviews all of the activities, programs and ministries of an 


·   Aligns mission and operations

·   Spells out the goals everyone in the organization wants to achieve 


Questions our Strategic Plan will ask:

1.    Where/Who are we as an Order? 

2.    Where do we want to go?

3.    How do we want to get there?


For more information on the process check out "Strategic Planning Frequently Asked Questions"

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